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Hip Replacement Doctor In Jaipur

Hip Replacement Doctor In Jaipur

Dr. B R Bagaria is an experienced and professional Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur offering best-in-class orthopedic services for hip replacement surgery using state-of-the-art equipment. He ensures the maximum level of satisfaction out of the treatment and the patient can easily walk home without pain post the surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is a magical remedy for all those who wish to fix the hip pain and all related miseries. Many people have to suffer from hip pain due to a severely damaged hip resulting from conditions associated with old age such as arthritis or an injury or by any other conditions. The intensity of this chronic hip/groin pain is such that it keeps you awake at night and prevents you from doing day-to-day jobs.

To avoid all such situations, an orthopedic surgeon specializing as a hip replacement doctor would always suggest that the patient undergo a hip replacement surgery for best results. This surgery is also referred to as the hip replacement, hip hemiarthroplasty, or hip arthroplasty. In this very common yet very major surgical process, an orthopedic surgeon places an artificial hip-joint in place of the painful hip-joint so that the patient feels relieved from pain in the affected area.

Hip Replacement Doctor In Jaipur

    If all the anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, and exercises fail to give relief to the pain arising out of the hip damage even after putting in a reasonable period of time, the surgical approach is the best option for fixing the hip disorders.

    Another benefit of this surgery is that there is no age bar to avail the benefits of this surgery. The surgery can be just as effective for 60-year-olds or even younger as it is for people in their 80s and 90s.

    Cost-effectiveness is another majorly important factor with regard to the benefits derived from the replacement surgery which can be beneficial for most of the people.

    The number of patients who have had success with the surgery is quite impressive. The advancements in hip replacement, including computer-assisted implant placement, that help surgeons in accurately positioning the replacement devices have helped Hip Replacement Doctors in Jaipur become massively successful with hip replacement surgery.

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    Hip replacement surgery is efficiently successful in consistently reducing or eliminating hip pain.

    The patient can be freed up from the pain and fatigue for many coming years that kept him/her awake at night for years ensuring a sound sleep, both physically and emotionally. Because of the dramatic reduction in hip pain, the patient can have a good night sleep after the surgery.

    With increased ease and comfort, a patient restores normal hip function following the surgery.

    Along with improving physical functioning, including walking and other movements, the patient's mental health is improved as well.

    Major activities of daily living such as sitting in a chair, on a toilet seat, shopping, putting on clothes and shoes, and cooking, which were difficult to perform prior the surgery, can no longer be a tough task for the patient. The patient would experience a significant improvement in their mobility and movements post surgery.

    Following the hip replacement surgery, Correction of increased leg strength is another benefit one can experience.