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Hip Replacement Doctor In Jaipur

Hip Replacement Doctor In Jaipur

The procedure of Hip replacement relieves one from the severe pain functioning of defective hips. The surgery is needed in case of the severe hip injuries or chronic hip joint pain. If you are suffering from hip pain and considering hip replacement surgery then you must find out the top Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur, because the cost of your surgery depends on the skill of the surgeon and the material your hip replacement is made of. Dr. B. R. Bagaria is very renowned in the field of hip replacement surgery.

The hips are one among the most critical human body parts which assist a human being in several movements such as sitting, walking, and standing. The movement is accompanied by unpleasant pain if there is a problem with your hips. A surgeon suggests hip replacement surgery only when there is extensive damage to both parts of the hip joint. The following are the types of Hip Replacement Surgeries performed by our Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur.

Total Hip Replacement: In this type, metallic or plastic cups replace the two parts of the hips and the socket to provide them the previous flexibility. The successful surgery relieves the pain and the rigidness in the bones.

Hip Replacement Doctor In Jaipur

Hip Surfacing: In the hip surfacing procedure, the ball associated with the hip joint is resurfaced to restart normal functioning of the joint. There is no part is replaced during this procedure. Hip resurfacing is regarded as the best alternative to the total hip replacement.

Best Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur

Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery by our Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur:

    Hip Replacement Surgery is Safe: The surgery conducted by Dr. B. R. Bagaria is highly safe. Complications are very rare. If you are a healthy patient and undergo total hip replacement, you will be discharged in a couple of days.

    Increased Mobility: The most important benefit of Hip Replacement Surgery is increased mobility. You will also get rid of severe pain caused by accident, arthritis or infections after the treatment.

    Cost Effective: The procedure of Hip replacement surgery is cost-effective than getting long-term care for disability. Dr. Bagaria's Joint care, Hip replacement surgery generally takes three to four hours. Hip Replacement Doctor in Jaipur replaces the affected parts of the hip joint with artificial parts during the process. The patient has to undergo a special exercise program after the surgery is successfully completed.