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CAS ( Navigation Joint Surgeries )


The smooth surface of the artificial implants just like normal knee, can allow for easy, painless movement.
Computer Navigated Surgery is a state-of-theart surgical technique which lifts the accuracy of joint replacement surgery from around 80 percent to up to 95 percent, so improving the longevity and functioning of the artificial joint Computer navigated systems do not perform the operation! They do not replace the skill and experience of your surgeon, but its invaluable tools that enhance the outcome of total knee replacement operations.
Navigation uses infrared camera, computer with sophisticated software to provide the real time, patient specific information during surgery while virtually eliminating expensive and radiation intensive CT & MRI scans before the surgery.
Proven in U.S.A., Europe and Asia-Pacific for more then 100.000 knee implantations, Navigation enables the surgery to consistently achieve results those are far more accurate than via conventional methods.

How Does Computer Navigation Work

  • Light-Emitting diodes are attached to the bones to the leg and knee and are used to communicate to a computer.

    Computer Navigation Machine:

  • Monitors every step of the surgery and allows error to be identified and corrected.
  • Real-time digital reconstructions of the knee and leg allow the surgeon to confirm every step of the surgery.

Benefits Of Computer Navigation

Precise Position of the implants is a critically important element of the durable knee replacement.
Most knee replacement done today rely on the surgeon's ability to see and feel when the knee is properly aligned and balanced.
However, Computer Navigated Surgery helps to eliminate the guess work from the surgery.
Now, Computer Navigation Technology is combined with MIS Techniques. The computer provides real-time, 3-D imaging and guides the surgeon's cuts, it also confirms the accuracy of the cuts. Navigation also companion technology for MIS total knee replacement.
Component position, range of motion, ligament tensioning and, overall limb alignment are accurately and clearly viewed at every step during the operation. Errors in techniques that would otherwise go unnoticed can be quickly seen and corrected. Computer Navigation used during knee replacement helps to minimize the amount of surgical dissection and to ensure proper positioning of the implants.
Accurate alignment of the knee components is critical to the overall function of your new joint which also makes it last longer.

Advantages Of Computer Navigated/Assisted Knee Replacement