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Sports Injury Doctor in Jaipur

Sports Injury Doctor in Jaipur

Complex sports injuries can impact the performance of professional athletes but the best sports injury doctor in Jaipur can help in managing such injuries. Sports injuries can occur as a result of the direct impact of the overuse and greater application of force than the said body part can actually withstand. Thus, overtraining, lack of conditioning, and proper warm-up before initiating or improper form or technique all contribute to sports injuries.

To name a few sports injuries that affect the athletes and sportspersons are fractured bones, sprains, bruises, strains, ACL/ MCL tear, ligament and tendons, fascia and bursae are also conditions that are required to be treated by our experienced team of sports injury specialists. Timely medical investigation is needed because leaving a sports injury untreated can have more severe consequences in the future and in extreme cases, players and athletes may have to leave their favorite sports.

According to the best sports injury doctor in Jaipur , the injuries can be classified into acute and chronic. Acute injuries are the ones that occur suddenly due to improper landing, twisting, etc, for example, a sprained ankle while chronic injuries are the ones that occur due to repeated and continuous use of the damaged joints or group of muscles. Athletes or sports persons born with structural abnormalities or playing sports with improper technique are the ones who are affected by chronic sports injuries.

Unlike previous times, with the advancement in medical sciences, various techniques and programs have been specifically developed for treatment and avoiding such injuries that commonly occur while playing any sports. Further, sports injury specialists aim for enhancing and restoring the functionality of the patients to help them recover from acute and chronic injuries.

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Sports injuries accompany a number of symptoms such as pain, swelling, stiffness, instability in the joint, weakness, redness, inability to move, numbness, and tingling. The treatment for sports injury depends on the type and severity of the injury. Sometimes what is assumed to be a sprain can actually be a fractured bone and therefore, it needs to be treated accordingly.

Physiotherapy can play a major role in rehabilitating the injured site and light exercises can be performed for promoting strength and flexibility. Further, before returning to the sports, the sports injury doctor in Jaipur makes sure that the injury has healed properly, otherwise, it can cause further damage, leading to delayed recovery. Some of the common sports injuries are listed below:

Pulled Muscle: This is another term for muscle strain that occurs due to overstretching and tear of the muscles. The most common sites where muscles are pulled suddenly include quadriceps, groin, calves, low back, hamstrings, and the shoulder.

Shin Splints: The patient experiences stabbing, throbbing, and shooting pain in the inside of the lower leg. Such injuries generally occur in runners due to repetitive use or individuals who have just started exercising. In this injury, the pain occurs around the muscles and tendons around the tibia which leads to inflammation. Runners with flat feet always have the risk of shin splints. It is advised that runners and athletes should have proper shoes as they can provide the needed support and reduce the risk of injury.

Torn ACL: When players land suddenly in an improper way, change direction or stop quickly, or there is a direct blow to the knee, ACL injury takes place with a pop sound. Thereafter, the knee loses the range of motion and functions. This is one of the commonest ligament sports injuries and requires ACL Reconstruction surgery for treating the torn ligament. The new ligament is constructed using the graft from another ligament in the patient’s own body.

Stress Fracture: It is a sports injury that occurs due to overuse of the muscles. Such muscles are not able to absorb the force of physical activity. As a result, such pressure is absorbed by the bone leading to a fracture. The fractures primarily occur in feet and lower legs and females are at more risk compared to males.

To prevent sports injuries in the future, the sports injury doctor in Jaipur recommends individuals to have a proper warm-up before playing the sports. Further, sports injury should never be taken lightly and left untreated because if the condition worsens, there is a possibility that the athlete or players might not be able to return and play the sports again.