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Don’t get infection in tkr !

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A patient make sure that he or she dont let infection happens . Because infection is a very rare complication but if happens than very horrible for patient and for doctor to treat .

In TKR patient if infection enters into joint than bacteria make a bio film on prosthesis which is very difficult to treat. These kind of infection can happen by two times once during the procedure and second is in routine days .

First infection can be prevented by strict surgery protocol but secondry infection can happen at any time life .

We know elderly patients have associated comorbidities like Diabetes , Urinary Infection , Cardiac Problems , URTI , Poor Immunity & many type of other skin diseases .


When ever these diseases flayer and patient become negligent than infection spread in body immediately.

For example patients with Urinary infection and uncontrolled diabetes with not treated on time can create sepsis. 


So patient has to be aware and go for regular check up with their physician.

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