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Always avoid ! To protect replaced joint by trauma

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Post TKR our strict advice to all patients is not to fall in any condition. 

Routinely majority of patients in knee replacement are old age & associated with lot of other comorbidities like hyper tension , diabetes , vertigo, neurological problems , Parkinson , muscles weakness and fatigue syndrome . 


Any linked disease can be cause for a patient to fall .Usually all patients are instructed to walk on plain surface and avoid higher steps and uneven surfaces .Post TKR patients also avoid hilly area ,Jumping , running and hard working . If post TKR patient falls than it causes periprosthetic fracture or fracture around hip joint , 

These conditions are treatable but may causes long time bed ridden which is link with other systemic complications .  


Our advice in this situation to patient that they should keep stick or any other support to avoid fall .

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