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surgery is an advancement in knee surgery whereby the patient is discharged on the 2-3 days after the surgery. This reduces physiological and psychological stress related to surgery by enhancing early mobilization and rapid recovery.

Key Features of this Revolutionary Technique are
* Patient starts walking on the same day of operation within just few hours!
* Small incision, muscle sparing operative method, periarticular injections, use of epidural analgesia, all to ensure optimal pain relief in early postoperative period.
* Stick walking and staircase activity just on 3rd day!
* Discharge to home in 2-3 days.
* Minimal, very effective and totally pain and hassle-free physical therapy at home by an expert therapist just for 2 to 3 weeks.
* Return to daily activities and routine life within 3 to 4 weeks’s time after surgery.
* Long lasting results with the use of Imported MetalBack high flex prosthesis Implants !