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Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery For Young And Old Patients

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Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip problems are very  complex & confusing situation for the patients .Hip problem may arise in younger age like AVN due to excess use of steriod , alcohol, or it may be due to some trauma or injury . 

And Hip problems are also seen in old patients very commonly due to fracture neck femur because of decrease bone density and also due to OA.

In both class of patients hip joint treatment becomes crucial .

If you see a young person having AVN in hip joint he has to perform many daily routine activities like routine work , exercise, official work , job etc and if you see an old person they also need mobility in their life to keep themselfs active and self dependent insted of depending on family members for daily work.
So for both class of patients hip joint problem is essential to treat with best option.
Let's understand how our expert & experience skilled doctor treat it and considered as best hip replacement surgeon in jaipur .

Our centre is completely dedicated for such cases where we have full medical back up to treat all type of complex situations. We have pain control management team to take care specifically pain management part. 

Our expert physiotherapy dept helps our patients to stand and walk right from second day of operation .

With a dedicated team of arthroplasty experts our surgeon Dr B R Bagaria is trained in UK US,Germany ,Hong Kong to do all type of primary ,  complex primary &  revision hip replacement surgeries .

He has wast experience of using World class techniques to give best results to our patients. 

If you go through the scientific data related to infection rate which is 3-4% internationally our records are better just 0.3% comparing to international standards.

Our modular operation theatre complex , seperate joint replacement units for post op patients and quality control protocol helps to achieve desirable results .Our centre also offers  complete variety of  implant to different age group patients based on their needs .

We have successful proven track of 7000+ surgeries which makes us best hip replacement surgeon in jaipur .