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Knee Trauma Doctor in Jaipur

Knee Trauma Doctor in Jaipur

A sports injury or a sudden motor-vehicle accident can lead to traumatic conditions and in major cases knee is one of the most commonly injured body parts. Knee pain as a result of such injury for a prolonged period can lead to more severe conditions. But consulting the best knee trauma doctor in Jaipur can be helpful to enable the patient to improve the painful conditions and live a normal life. The knee joint is made up of bony structures such as the femur, fibula, and tibia along with the kneecap (known as patella), the ligaments, cartilage, and the tendons. Several reasons are responsible for knee trauma such as a sudden jerk or blow to the knee during any physical activity. Thus, pain can aggravate affecting the surrounding muscles and their subsequent movement. 

Some of the major trauma conditions resulting in knee injuries as explained by the knee trauma doctor in Jaipur include sprains, fractures, ligament tear, and dislocation. Depending on the severity of the condition, simple knee injuries can be treated successfully with rehabilitation exercise while more complex injuries might require surgery to overcome pain. Moreover, the most common symptoms of a knee injury are pain and swelling and if the condition worsens, the knee might lose functioning as the knee joint locks up. Total knee replacement and partial knee replacement are the most commonly preferred surgeries to treat complex knee conditions. 

Get knee pain treated by the best knee trauma doctor in Jaipur 

Some of the common knee injuries treated by knee trauma doctor in Jaipur are as follows:

Fractures: Major fractures around the knee are caused due to high energy trauma, for example, motor vehicle collisions, and falls from a considerable amount of height. In such situations, the patella is commonly injured leading to significant damage to the knee joint. 

Dislocation: When the bones of the knee are displaced from their original place, partially or completely, dislocation occurs. There can be numerous reasons for dislocation such as sudden falls, sports-related injuries, and motor vehicle crashes. Moreover, dislocation can also occur as a result of abnormal knee structure. The improper alignment of the femur and tibia can cause the patella to slip out of place. 

ACL and PCL injuries: This type of injury is most often caused by athletes who are into high-demand sports such as basketball, soccer, and football. Landing inappropriately, jumping suddenly, and changing direction rapidly can tear the Anterior Cruciate Ligaments. The PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) is also injured sometime when the knee is hurt from the front side while the knee is bent. These tears are generally partial and can heal on their own. 

The knee trauma doctor in Jaipur provides treatment after identifying the underlying cause of knee pain and the extent of the injury. Although medications are provided to manage conditions of pain and inflammation in less severe cases, most of the patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities. In the case of trauma-induced injuries, bracing, popping the knee back in place are used as a treatment approach. Physical therapy is also advised in some cases post-surgery to help patients regain the movement and strength lost in the knee and the leg. The total knee replacement surgery or the knee arthroscopy is one of the widely adopted surgical procedures to resurface the damaged knee.